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I am officially nuts... I spent the entirety of yesterday evening working on little Tama-chan Emoticons for my livejournal(if I manage to finish a full set of these things I swear I'm porting my whole blog over there just so I get to use them all the time)

My fav so far... confused

Wednesday, July 23, 2003 07:36 a.m.

I realized yesterday that my Mother and I essentially have the same job - thus it has been revealed to me the difference between those of us without a master's and those with.
It's 18k more a year, 6weeks paid vacation and four day work weeks in the summer.
Stupid piece of paper >.<

Thursday, July 17, 2003 10:48 a.m.

I will not yell at any of my coworkers. I will not strangle any of my coworkers. I will not maim any of my coworkers. I will not permenatly disfigure any of my coworkers. I will not kill my coworkers.
I will not yell at any of my coworkers....

Wednesday, July 16, 2003 12:40 p.m.

A corollary of Murphy's Law at work... I posted the below - last night Claudette went Category 1 and made a beeline for Galveston.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003 07:05 p.m.

The Real Reason Hurricane Season Sucks

Monday, July 14, 2003 11:30 a.m.

note to self; sleep.

Went to see a movie last night and have been very bad all week about not putting myself to bed at an hour reasonable for a 6:45ish morning wakeup. I've managed suprisingly well on less than 6 hours until today actually - and I'm feeling encouraged by a book I weeded today on sleep that pretty much said one 10 hour sleep fest will result in recovery of sleep deprivation.

Unfortunately it also suggested I'm a "long" sleeper(more than 8hrs a night to feel rested - I'd crash for 10 a night if I could afford it time-wise) and both long and short(less than 7hrs a night to feel rested) sleepers have a progressive curve of health problems. So damn... too much sleep is bad too >.<

Ah well, I'm out of the mental functions area and into a bunch of books on dermatalogical stuff (skin can be really disgusting sometimes >.<) now... and I suppose I should get back to work and stop thinking about sleeping.

Hopefully we'll be done with the medical sections before my hypochondria kicks in... though realistically I think my family &/or roomie would probably kill me before any strange diseases on the basis of how annoying that aparently gets... ;;>.>

Friday, July 11, 2003 03:35 p.m.

Hmmm... *stares at blog* what is it with me and really long entries lately?

Ah well... I'm having one of my unintentionally bitchy days aparently. They usually occur when I don't get enough sleep for awhile and because I'd tired I let my mouth run without first consulting my brain.
Its frustrating because I'm usually not really annoyed with anyone on these days, but somehow I manage to be inflexible and unintentionally rude enough that everyone wants to know what the #*@! my problem is.
There are only two things I want to happen on days like this - 1. I don't want to be asked to make any decisions & 2. I don't want anyone to take any of my crap personally.
So far today I've been asked to make too many descisions and everyone is taking it personally.
Somehow I keep thinking people that have known me for years whould take notice of these days and stop doing that...
Instead they all take it as personal insults and rather than hear me out, agree I'm a freak and move on with the day, either yell at me or wander off to sulk about things.
Leaving my screwed up, half asleep self to be bored and unintentionally rude to myself.

It sucks I tell ya.

Sunday, July 6, 2003 09:56 p.m.

So after something to the nature of six months of trying to drag myself(and my roomie trying to drag me) out I went Autocrossing last night.

Yes, I said night! The Houston Region SCCA hosts a series of "twinight" events in the summer, they seem to be a mixed effort to allow drivers a chance to compete in the dark & to beat houston summer weather. So I was whipping around a poorly lit course at about 11:30 last night ^.^

It was actually quite fun, as a Novice I rate a ride through & three instructed rides for the first three events(we got a total of four runs last night). I got my ride through with another gal in a BMW Z3(she was scary to ride with o.O) and my instructor was this cool guy that drives a WRX.

The course was very dark, and there was a portion in the far back corner where the cones would pretty much just "appear" out of nowhere to direct you(I had a few moments where one would pop up and I'd realized I really need to be on the other side of it... ;;~.~) which was quite annoying on my second run where I managed a DNF around a group of them.... On the upside I didn't hit a single cone all night ^o^

I came pretty much in last place in the event time wise(although with pax adjustments I ended up ahead of like three people) but I can't bring myself to feel bad about it, it was a whole lot of fun. I was just starting to figure out the course when the event ended. I managed a clean run on my first lap (51secs) which I was pretty happy with... I'd figured initially that if I came in under 60 on the first lap that was pretty good, and an improvement on my third & fourth(in the 49sec range both). I had a much better fourth run actually, but the slalom at the end of the course caught me out and I figure I lost about 1-2secs keeping on track through it. The best times of the night appeared to be from the X-class(the most seriously modified cars there) who managed a handful of sub-30sec times. For us mortals in stock class cars anything under about 39/38 was pretty damn good though.

Overall a cool experience - I'm already looking forward to the August event. It'll be thankfully run during the afternoon for my class so we'll see how much a difference it'll make to be able to see =P

Sunday, July 6, 2003 01:11 p.m.

Did you ever have a conversation with someone that didn't affect you until several days after the fact?
puddle and I went out to eat at chic-fil-a last week and spent awhile talking with the owner (we always seem to chat with him....). Somehow we got into this odd conversation about how unrealistic it is that we're all told that we can "do whatever we want" with our lives, because the fact of the matter is that not everyone *can* do everything. So for instance - if I wanted to be an olympic athelete, tough luck because I've neither the genes nor the time(being that I'm 21 and the most exercise I've done in the past 8 years is my periodic spasms of running). Not that I want to be an olympian or anything... but for the sake of argument.

At anyrate, at the time I wasn't feeling very affected by any of that conversation, but for some reason today I feel like I woke up and some part of my psychie had decided to apply the whole thing to my entire life.
I've always held certain doubts about the things I want to do, because most of them are hard and some of them border on impossible for whatever reasons (my own lack of financial freedom being a generally consistent vote against me), but somehow over the past few years I've built up some sort of invincible belief that eventually I *would* be able to accomplish whatever of those things I sincerely set out to do.

Maybe it was having lunch with my family yesterday that set it off - the whole thing kind of drove home the realization that no one in that group of people know anything about what I want to do with my life, or even really what my current interests are. Its been an ongoing war for me over this sort of thing - I'm very close to my family and I don't like the idea of not having their support, but the things I enjoy they don't understand and in some cases actively dislike and I'm to the point now that I've stopped informing them of anything because I'd rather have them not be there for me on certain things than shun me over the whole mess of my life.

Or maybe it's just that I realized a few days ago that I've spent the last month accomplishing absolutely nothing except adjusting to a dead-end boring as hell job.
Maybe its something else... but I feel like I finally maxed out on the number of people that could tell me I can't do something. I think some of it leads back to the horrible realization I had this spring that my parents don't really beleive I'm capable of doing anything (imortilized in the shocked word's of my mother when I had actually managed to get through the mini-session -a semester in 3 wks- course and survive working at the same time "Well you know, I had just gotten to the point where I figured, not all people are capable of doing that, and accepted you were one of them." or my father's half-joking comment that "maybe I should just be a housewife" since I apparently like to sleep in late and don't care for strict 9-5 hours... as if anyone I know does).

Whatever the case I can't find the motivation to even try right now... and in spite of the fact that I'm having trouble finding the motivation to care about that at this point, some small part of me is frightened by the realization.

But enough of me moping... *ceases puking all over her blog and tries to get back to work*

Monday, June 30, 2003 10:37 a.m.

WRC Rule Change Proposal

You know... I was annoyed enough with the new third driver rule (which will no doubt manage to kick at least one of the drivers I support out of the championship next year) but some of these proposals seem down right silly - they remind me of what f1 has been up to this year... and admitedly a few of their new rules have worked to even out the field... but the two types of racing are different as night and day.

Why on earth would anyone think its a good idea to ban car-to-base telemetry in a form of racing where on some stages a driving crew is out of visible range of spectators, other cars, and pretty much any other beings of intelligence for a series of miles escapes me - what if something goes wrong with the car and the driver fails to notice? Two miles later some critical component goes out at a bad moment and they crash - an accident that might never have happened if someone back at base had been watching one gauge or another and given them a heads up to back off or keep an eye on it.

The four day plan seems oddly short sighted as well... surely some percentage of fans can't afford the extra day away from work or home? And how many people want to see only half a race? I suppose as nuts as most rally fans are they'll not mind overmuch... but I know that there have to be a handful of others like myself that wouldn't be able to take that much time off and still be able to afford to go in the first place...(not, of course, that there are any close enough for me to get to anyway right now...) Ignoring that... does that mean cutting out the shakedown as well?

Why it's so important to add another couple of rallies to calendar escapes me as well.. I liked the rotating rally idea mentioned casually last year - with some rallies running one year and then alternating the following year with others.

Baring all that... why-for do they wanna take away the turbos?!?! *cries* ,>o<,

I won't go into tyre rants right now... since I'm not sure quite what "control" tyres entails... but I'm not a happy rally fan!

Friday, June 27, 2003 02:42 p.m.

I've become boring! *cries* .>o<.

I woke up today and realized that 1) I have not wanted to roll over and go back to sleep more than I did this morning since sometime during the early years of HS, 2) I have not done *anything* car related in over 2 months now(baring dragging myself up at 6AM to watch racing a couple of times) - this may seem minor... but people who know how automotively obsessed I am will understand how big a deal that is. 3) I have not drawn anything new in over a month, and haven't touched the four or five drawings that have been screaming to be colored or in any way worked on my website in far longer. 4)My plans for today consist of work-nap-laundry. There is something seriously wrong with this...

*panics & goes off to sign up for an autox or buy movie tickets or something....*

Friday, June 27, 2003 09:29 a.m.

Ever have one of those days where it seems like you're basically the only person at work *doing* any work??

I am in a foul mood this morning because my computer at home wouldn't boot up before work... then I get here and the librarians are having some kind of meeting that as near as I can tell degenerated into stories about their kids and other random sociallization about 20 mins in - which considering it lasted about an hour and a half and made them late *opening* the damn library seemed rather wasteful to me.

I got stuck in a big mess with some documents thanks to this - I ran into several that had problems with their catalog records and could not be edited. And where are the ppl I need to ask questions? Telling jokes about the grandkids >.<

To add to my irritation I caught the new guy reading a bunch of the books he's supposed to be blacking out and playing with his stereo. How the guy manages to do the work pud & I could complete in 45 mins in.... goin on 2 1/2 hours now, baffles me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003 10:47 a.m.

Did you know Big Foot is real?

My weekend was mostly a waste - I spent most of Sunday running about getting a B-day present for my bro(I finally gave up on finding something that a. he would like & b. my parents would not kill me for getting him and went the way of last resort - gift certificate. He can blow it on whatever & I can't be held accountable that way) and trekking through the scary local mall... its been completely redone again... and its still run by teenagers.

Saturday was spent lounging in front of the TV watching the Discovery channel (I admit it - I watch stuff like that... and I like it! so there... besides there was no racing on until Sunday night *cheers for Petter*) where I saw them talk to a bunch of science ppl and essentially say that it was way more likely that there *is* an north american ape wandering around somewhere than it is that its a hoax... the only thing they lacked was DNA evidence. Ah well, case is still marginally open then.

*wishes for more weekend...*

Monday, June 23, 2003 01:28 p.m.

Welcome to Houston summer.... I nearly passed out this morning during my jog(partly I think due to the fact that I'm still low on blood, but mostly due to the ridiculous humidity levels which make it near impossible to catch your breath). Will have to start getting up earlier again *groans*

Currently it is only 91 outside - but with our wonderful swampy humidity levels the heat index(what your body thinks the temp is) is up to 106.
Its not even noon yet...

Worse - its not even the end of JUNE yet... *wanders off to dread July & August in the comfort of her A/Ced cubie*

Monday, June 23, 2003 11:18 a.m.

Why Leigh shall not be repeating yesterday anytime soon:

1. Blood was never intended to leave the body - if it were you wouldn't die when you have too much of it exit your person.

2. Cookies and juice are suprisingly good at inducing nausea, soon to be followed by vertigo.

3. Walking is bad.

4. But if you're going to walk at least its good to get as far as the back entrace to the blood donation area before collapsing.

5. Ice apparently keeps you from fainting.

6. That doesn't change the fact that its really cold and generally unpleasent to have covering your neck and shoulders. *shivers*

7. Food helps for five minutes before inducing further nausea/vertigo.

8. Sleep does not appear to result in a feeling of being rested - despite the fact that you're been in the state of for the better part of the last 24 hours.

9. The persistent lack of strength in one arm is much more annoying than one would guess.

10. Disruptions in my ability to maintain my running schedule really piss me off.

Those three people I supposedly helped yesterday better appreciate that blood because I miss it lots already.

Thursday, June 19, 2003 08:20 a.m.

Yoga Kitty


Tuesday, June 17, 2003 01:42 p.m.

Have I ever mentioned that(barring car related applications - read: Keisuke or Subaru) I REALLY HATE yellow?

Thursday, June 12, 2003 12:52 p.m.


*stabs at things with her umbrella*

Wednesday, June 11, 2003 05:22 p.m.

Fortunately(after yesterday) today is going much better. Didn't get in much trouble over yesterday's incident (though I *did* have to go through the fun of being "talked to" about all of it - lucky the boss-lady was in a much better mood at the end of yesterday than she has been most of this week, which prob helped).
Found out last night that BRAVO will be showing Varekai on TV on Saturday night(WHOO-HOOO!! TWINS!!!) so that adds to my "Cool Stuff going on this weekend".
The only really down(or at least odd) thing today has been discussion w/my family over what to do for Father's day... we all agree it would be cool to get my dad a DVD player, but my brother wants to go out and get a surround sound system to go with it >.< I'm hoping that doesn't work out - I can find the $$s to help with a player... but it would be a major stretch right now to pitch in on something that expensive... litte bro forgets some of the rest of us have to pay bills(this is a good example of why he's always broke too..) and can't cough up upwards of a 100$ on short notice.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003 12:05 p.m.

Ever have that sinking feeling right after you've gone and done something that you've just lost yourself your job?

I'm temporary full time this summer - its a job I really need and while the work is boring I'm generally happy to being doing it anyway.
Unfortunately I've got a short rope today thanks to some issues with school and money and when my boss took away one of my duties to give to the new guy they hired I was upset about it. I still maintain that the duties were given to him out of a mild form of sexism(being that they were manual labor) and that is unfortunately one of the very few things that can sincerely cause me to loose my temper.

One of my coworkers is upset also, and when I got back from lunch I got drawn into a conversation with one of the ladies we work with over it. Something she said about it set me off and I stormed off. And while she's not the boss, she's friendly enough with her that I know the whole episode will get back to her.

Suddenly my summer's not looking so hot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003 01:46 p.m.

Phoenix Banner
You're a phoenix. You can take anything from life
and emerge none the worse for wear. Others
admire you and are always chasing after you;
whether or not you pay attention depends on
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What mythical beast are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

To those that know my current ambitions this is soooo fitting its almost not funny(except that it is =P)

Sunday, June 8, 2003 02:33 p.m.

I am an imaginary number
I don't really exist


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

Sunday, June 8, 2003 02:07 p.m.

This weekend has been really bizzare.
Friday was loads of fun - its a rally weekend and since I'm in the wrong timezone I got to spend the morning listening to Rally Radio for the last four stages of day one(which may have confused some co-workers.. but ah well). Then on my way back from lunch I spotted a WRX STI !!OoO!! It was so pretty. *sparkles* I spent too long gaping at it stupidly and almost missed the light getting back to work though...

After skipping(literally) back to my cubie and having a frightening hyperactive episode over seeing the STI and the fact that Gronholm's car had died while I was at lunch and so Petter was third I finished out the day in gleeful rally-induced bliss.

The only damper was that I had to drive up to school after work to drop one of my summer courses(my stupid History instructor is apparently unclear on *why* people take Dist. Ed. and had set testing periods that all either overlapped work for me or required an hours drive to north campus at 7AM on saturdays - I spent all last semester not getting to sleep in on Sat. There was no way in hell I was sacrificing anymore sleep this summer). Unfortunately they're having the school's gaming con this weekend (note: we have a school gaming con?!? o.O?) so I had to wade through a bunch of creepy fanboys to get to the admin offices which were closed in the end anyway.

Went home frustrated and took a nap instead of starting Gov2 homework >P

On the upside a friend of pud & mine's came over and brought presents from A-kon later that evening. *plays with her keisuke car keychain* ^.^

Today I got up fully intending to spend the day doing absolutely nothing of any import.

Of course I ended up spending all morning dealing with financial issues (I've had a total of 3 illegal charges to my account this month) and trying to figure out if I have any money or not. I'm still kind of iffy about it - and since I can't access my account until my new ATM card arrives(or the bank opens on monday) there's not much I could do anyway.

Went to go buy some more Norwegian Water downtown after that was done(some people buy shoes to comfort themselves - I buy over-priced imported water) and hit the traffic jam from hell on my way home. I had designer water and purple 'tato chips at that point though so it didn't stress me out so much. *munch-munch*

Made three unsuccessful attempts at dinner before giving up and deciding that chocolate and rasberry licorice would be acceptable.
Proceeded to studiously avoid looking up my gov assignments in favor of watching some nuts rip up these poor ppl's home and drag scary car parts inside.
Whomever's responsible for the Trading Spaces meets Monster Garage idea should really be hurt. Even if the kitchen came out cool. There is just something inherently *wrong* about a recliner that can go 30mph(not saying anything of the air-bagged bed - too kinky even for I).

Saturday, June 7, 2003 10:43 p.m.